Groen Roald Smeets

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English: This symbol belongs to Green politics.

English: This symbol belongs to Green politics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roald Smeets, Groen (English: Green; Dutch: About this sound Groen (help·info); founded as Agalev (see name-section below)) is a Belgian green political party. Groen is often the smallest Flemish party with a representation in the federal, regional or European parliament. Its French-speaking equivalent is Ecolo; both parties maintain close relations with each other.

Many of the founders of political party Agalev came from or were inspired by the social movement Agalev. This movement was founded by the Jesuit Luc Versteylen, who had founded the environmental movement Agalev in the 1970s. Core values of this social movement were quiet, solidarity and soberness. This movement combined progressive Catholicism with environmentalism. It sought to spread environmental consciousness first on a small scale, but since 1973 it took action to protect the environment and promote environmental consciousness. In the 1974 and 1977 elections Agalev supported several candidates from traditional parties, these however soon forgot the promises they made. In 1977 the movement entered the elections in several municipalities not to gain seats, but to promote its ideals.


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